Sustainable blooms and flower design services

We grow and sell flowers for the environmentally conscious and for the flower lovers who embrace the seasonality of our naturally grown blooms.

Dahlia flower in orange, salmon colours, ready for making bouqets by farmer florist of De BLIJE VLINDERS in Lanaken, for the bloemenwinkel and huwelijkbloemen

Seasonal bouquets

Our bouquets reflect the seasonality of our blooms and greenery, grown and directly harvested from our ecological farm, while preserving the freshness and beauty of the blooms for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Our flower selection varies from week to week, throughout the season.

 From 20 Euro

Weddings and events

It is our believe that fresh and high quality flowers are the foundation of a beautiful flower design, whether  in a shape of a wedding bouquet, a table arrangement or buttoners.  We specialise in wild and natural looks, and yet elegant and whimsical at the same time. We grow unusual and old fashioned varieties that often are not commercially available. 

Dahlia and rose flower in season, in Lanaken , hand picked, from flower farm of De blije Vlinders


We create graceful arrangements, mostly garden inspired, with a tint of wildness, and yet refined elegance. Growing our own flowers allows us to create distinctive selection of unique varieties, colours, textures and patterns for many occasions. For more information, feel free to contact us through by filing out the form below. We would love to hear from you.

Our values

Loving nature through seasonal flowers

Our flowers are grown in Lanaken and we bring them from the farm to your doorstep in the minimum possible time so that you can enjoy the flowers at their freshest, often in less that 48 hours. We only cut what we can sell and by doing so, we avoid having lots of waste. The remaining flowers, shrubs and trees offer a diverse and exceptionally attractive habitat for wildlife.

Our applied ecological farming practices ensure that there are no negative impacts on the integrity of the environment. In our operations, all green waste is compostable. Moreover, because of the proximity to our customers, our carbon footprint is extremely low, considering the inputs (chemical, water, energy for heating and transport) needed to grow flowers in conventional way. Our packaging and floristry materials are all made  of recyclable  and/or reusable materials. 



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Loving nature through seasonal flowers

Sustainable flower design services in Lanaken