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Women business owner and creator at her flower design studio in Lanaken

Meet the founder

Nicoleta Voicu

Founded the De blije vlinders, an artisan flower farm based in Lanaken, Belgium, back in end of 2019 and transitioned full time in 2021 after leaving a corporate job.

Her work is divided between spreading beauty through locally grown and seasonal flowers, farming and the promotion of regenerative and organic flower growing practices, all of which brings her happiness and a deep sense of purpose. 

Our Story

De Blije Vlinders means “Happy Butterflies” and it is believed to be a true reflection of our farm habitat.

To us, the health of the soil and of our environment comes first and sustainability has been rooted in our operations, growing practices and flower design from the beginning.

Seasonality and the knowledge of what grows well in our soil inspires us to carefully select flowers and plant materials, often fantastically fragrant and unique, a total delight to the senses.

By embracing the natural cycles of the seasons, composting and recycling nutrients and water, integrating natural pest management to keep unwanted pests from our crops and by providing flowers to the near by environmentally-conscious community we aim to have a positive impact on the environment, the health and well being of our community and to provide a carbon light alternative to the international cut flower industry.

Our large selection of annual and perennial flowers, shrubs and flowering trees, untouched by pesticides, insecticides or any synthetic chemicals, provide food, nesting resources and welcoming and urgently needed habitat to our native pollinator and birds for years to come.

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De Blije Vlinders located in Lanaken and surrounded by Maastricht, Rekem, Neerharen, Zudendaal is an organic flower farm which offers romantic and elegant flower designs with local products

Our farm

De Blije Vlinders is a small scale seasonal flower farm, based in Lanaken and centrally located between the charming and historic city centre of Maastricht and the beautiful nature of National Park Hoge Kempen.

We passionately produce seasonal and sustainably-grown blooms for our local customers. On our farm, we grow a wide selection of high-quality cut flowers, all available for sale throughout the growing season, between May and October. 

We provide bunches and bouquets to the flower-loving community, for birthdays or own enjoyment and flowers for weddings and events. Our bouquets are distinctive, and blooms are arranged in our signature seasonal ‘garden-gathered’ style with thoughtful colour combinations.  

Locally grown flowers

Grown with love, from farm to vase, for the environmentally counscious

Available from April to October

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Loving nature through seasonal flowers

Sustainable flower design services in Lanaken